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Update: Coaching announced for latest program! See details here: Instant Customer Revolution Bonus

Let’s get right to the point on our Cross Channel Mojo Bonus and how to join our Cross Channel Marketing Inner Circle for free.

From private training, step by step blueprints to follow & access to a trained outsourced team to a brand new Kindle Fire, it’s all here.  We’re calling this the Quick Start Cross Channel Mojo Bonus so you can have the strategies and resources to make your fast start as simple as possible. We have been using this system as part of our real, full-time, online marketing business for clients and have found success with it.

Cross Channel Mojo Bonus

Cross Channel Mojo Bonus offered by Patrick O’Donnell
with RevStream Marketing

Patrick’s Background:

  • Graduated from Ga. Tech in 1999
  • Upon graduation, purchased Internet Marketing Franchise
  • Grew Franchise to be #1 in sales in the United States, before selling it
  • Worked as VP-Marketing marketing with local firm, tripled annual revenues to over 8 figures, during time with the firm
  • Started own Internet Marketing Business (for the 2nd time), this time called RevStream Marketingcross-channel-mojo-bonus-team
  • Long-time subscriber and user of Mike’s products (Traffic Geyser and Instant Customer) and programs: Purchased Main Street Marketing Machines and attended the Social Media Marketing Machines live event earlier this year. (Image to right shows Patrick at dinner with Mike and his team in San Diego)
  • Created a system around the offerings, hired staff and currently running the firm, headquartered in Atlanta, GA with a team of top talent from around the world, both locally and overseas, primarily in Manila and Shanghai.
  • Marketing campaigns for clients have led to millions of dollars in sales including one single sale over $2 million.

…so we shared the background so you can know that this coming from someone who is using these products and running a real business.

As part of the Cross Channel Mojo Launch,
you can join our Cross Channel Inner-Circle for Free. 

It includes:

  • A PRIVATE webcast with an Instant Customer internal staff member and true guru of Cross Channel Marketing!
  • Access to our TRAINED, outsourced team to do work for you
  • Our Online Marketing Mind Map with 116 components in 15 categories that we’ve used to set-up campaigns for our clients to dominate niches
  • …and of course, the details on how to get the best Cross Channel Mojo Bonus!

All you need to do to join is:

Text your name and email to 404-382-5927

That’s it.  It’s simple.  Send a text message to the number 404-382-5927 with your name and email address.  International users, text to +1 (404) 382-5927.  If you don’t want to send a text message, you can complete the web form here.

Again, it’s free and no purchase of anything is required (and yes, this is using Instant Customer – see, we really do use it).

What’s included in our Cross Channel Mojo bonus?

Twelve (12) bonuses to help you reach success fast!  Join the Inner Circle to find out what they are and how to get them.

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