RevStream Marketing’s Managing Director, Patrick O’Donnell, is a #1 Best Selling Author and featured speaker on inspiration, growth, leadership and marketing.  Click the topics below for more details on the talks along with testimonials from those in attendance.

Current Keynotes and Programs include:

Please note: All programs are customized and can be delivered as a keynote, breakout session or seminar.  Previous topics that can be customized for groups.  Contact us for more details.


The 7 Steps to Revolutionize Your Business:
How Business Owners, Authors & Speakers & Can Capture More Leads and Close More Sales


Ready to revolutionize your business? It’s time to reach more, earn more and make a greater impact on the world! Do you have all the business you need? Are you and your business doing everything you possibly can to generate as many leads as possible, follow-up with those leads most effectively and convert those leads into sales (and do so while you sleep)? If not, now you can. Learn how in The 7 Steps to Revolutionize Your Business.

During the presentation, we’ll share the 7 ways your company is losing sales. In every case when we’ve met with companies, we’ve found they are not doing some or all of the 7 items and are thus losing sales. Then, when you do these 7 steps, you can revolutionize your business.

In these 7 steps, we show how to capture leads 7 different ways, communicate with the leads across multiple channels and convert those leads to sales… all on autopilot while you are sleeping or spending time with loved ones.

We show the strategies that are working best today for companies that are utilizing the latest cutting-edge technology. We’ll cover real case studies of businesses just like yours who have implemented these strategies and exploded their growth … and show you how you can do it do too.




This presentation is available as a webinar:


The 7 Steps to Kick Start Growth in Your Career


Are you getting everything you want from your career?  Or, have you been reactionary and let outside factors dictate your level of career success?  If you’ve felt stuck, bored or in a holding pattern recently or your entire professional life, it’s time for a breakthrough! It’s time for you to take charge of your career. Learn the 7 steps to kick start growth in your career!




The 5 Critical (But Most Often Overlooked) Elements of Marketing Your Business


This presentation shows the 5 critical (but most overlooked) elements of marketing a business successfully.  It is 35 minutes, jam-packed with details on the five elements.  You’ll see real case studies (how businesses earned $90,000 in a weekend, $1 million in 10 minutes and $10 million from two trade shows) are indeed true and you’ll see exactly how these companies did it.  You’ll hear from two people just like you who implemented these steps have reaped the rewards.

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This presentation is available as a webinar here.


How to Take a Book from an Idea to a #1 Best Seller in 10 Days


Patrick O’Donnell will share how he went from the concept for a book to hitting #1 on the best sellers list in 10 days. This included writing, publishing, promoting and hitting the best sellers list. He’ll show you how he did it, how you can too, and more importantly, how it can be an ongoing lead generation source for you and your business.

Blog Post

Learn more about the story in the blog post here:
New Book Goes from Idea to #1 on Best Seller’s List in 10 Days


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