Top 10 Keys to Sales Growth: How Businesses Use Marketing to Get Organized, Look Great and Close More Sales

Looking for more sales and a clear way to organize the marketing effort to make it happen? If so, you’re not alone. Most businesses are. Only 2% of senior marketing leaders consider their existing approach to demand generation highly effective. Also, with so much noise in today’s world, organizing the marketing process can be even more challenging. That’s why we are so excited to share this!

Helping Businesses Grow with Cutting-Edge Marketing

For the past 15+ years, we’ve been helping businesses grow. It all starts with a marketing strategy that is clearly organized. Then, it’s executing the plan, or as we say “running the marketing engine” with quality content and great-looking collateral.

Many of our clients have greatly increased sales :

  • The construction firm that tripled annual sales to become an 8 figure business
  • The communications firm that created a campaign in one city that worked so well, they duplicated it in 20 cities around North America
  • The health firm that went from capturing no leads to capturing hundreds at a time and turning it into real business
  • The real estate firm that had such a successful campaign, they had to pause it to hire and train more people to handle the new business
  • The gym that tripled their number of leads & quadrupled their average number of new members

All of these successful campaigns had commonalities and share the same basic elements.

Organizing Business Growth … All on One Page

To simplify and organize the potentially complex process of creating a successful marketing strategy, we pulled together the common elements and created ‘The Business Growth Accelerator.’ How would you like to triple your new sales growth and organize the plan to do it all on one page? This is exactly what companies have been doing using this simple, but effective tool.

You can download it now along with a video series explaining how it’s worked for other businesses and how it can work for you as well. It’s completely free and available right now. Simply, enter your info in the box on this page (in the sidebar on desktop or at the bottom of the page on mobile browsers).

For a preview, click play on the video below or see below to read the 10 keys to sales growth that make up the Business Growth Accelerator.

10 Keys to Sales Growth

The Business Growth Accelerator has three main categories: 1) Know the Market and Offerings, 2) Attract New Customers, 3) Deliver and Monitor. Within each of those categories are the 10 steps. They are as follows:

Know the Market and Offerings

1. Target Market

It’s essential to know exactly who you are trying to reach. Who is your ideal customer? Know everything about them – their demographics, their desires, their fears, etc.

2. Key Partners

Who already controls the eyes and ears of your target market. Learn how to successfully form partnerships and reach them.

3. Value Offering

It’s all about creating value first. Give your ideal customer something helpful to gain their trust and remain top of mind. Find out how to create what they are looking for.

4. Revenue Streams

You have to know what you are going to sell and it’s not always just one thing. Often, there are multiple revenue streams that can drive further sales. Take the steps to discover these.

Attract New Customers

5. Key Spokes (Attract)

We always talk about the website or opt-in being the ‘hub’ of the wheel and the ‘spokes’ lead back to the hub. These spokes can be social media, videos, emails, ads, newsletters, banners, signs, flyers, etc. Make sure they are all set-up to drive opt-ins.

6. Opt-in Channels (Capture)

It’s not all about the website form or phone call. Are you using the latest in cutting-edge marketing to capture leads via all the best channels: web form, text-in, voice mail, card scan, etc.? Meet your customer where they are.

7. Client Connection (Connect)

Creating a connection is essential. You must deliver value and there is no better way than to provide helpful content. This can involve blogs, videos, webinars, teleseminars and all of it can be automated to run itself. Take the time to learn how to set-up your automated marketing engine.

8. Sales Conversion (Close)

The marketing content to connect should have already pre-sold the product or service, so by the time the sale comes along, it should almost be a formality. The sales page, phone call or meeting should follow the proven script to close the deal.

Deliver and Monitor

9. Fulfillment
Systems are what make businesses work. Having an efficient and effective system in place allows the fulfillment of the product or service to retain happy customers.

10. Analysis

What gets measured gets managed. Make sure to be using the latest analytics and tracking to fine-tune the elements of the campaign over time to make sure it’s getting the best possible results.

Kick Start Your Business Growth

If you’ve read this far, you have a desire to increase growth and have the commitment needed, so it’s time to make it happen.

When you follow these steps, you organize your marketing strategy and know exactly who you are looking for, what they are looking for and how to reach them. Then, knowing what they like, you can create a website and collateral that look great and provide value to gain trust and thus close more sales.

If you haven’t already, take the time now to download the pdf version of ‘The Business Growth Accelerator’ along with the free video series explaining how it works by entering your info in the box (to the side on desktop or below on mobile)!

Do you find this helpful and do you know others who could benefit from this? If so, please share it with them. They’ll thank you for it and we’ll appreciate it as well. Best of luck with your business growth and go make it an outstanding day!


RevStream Marketing is a full-service marketing agency. Their Business Growth Strategists create cutting-edge marketing campaigns that explode business growth. By working with Chief Marketing Officers, marketing departments and entrepreneurs, RevStream Marketing provides the needed marketing services from strategy to implementation, including websites, videos, content creation, social, mobile, email marketing and much more.

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