Case Studies

The Business Growth Strategists at RevStream Marketing are committed to helping clients grow their business through the ideal use of web, video, mobile, print and social media marketing. This ensures you capture more leads and close more sales in less time. The below offer examples of the type of work we did for different businesses and comments from them with the result they achieved. We’re developing these into Case Studies, so stayed tuned, but until then, contact us to discuss how your business could achieve results like these.

FusionHealth, FusionSleep and Sleep4Saftey

Website Design and Development, Video Production, Cross-Channel Marketing

“We are now able to capture leads, follow-up automatically and turn it into meaningful new business.”

J. Patrick O’Donnell, Inc. Custom Homes

Website Design and Development, Video Production, Local and Cross-Channel Marketing

“More than tripled revenue and positioned company as #1 in sales in a competitive market.”

CDA Inc. Health Insurance Agency

Logo Design, Website Design and Development, Video Production

“Do you have any idea what a gift from God you are? We love our new logo and are truly thrilled about our new website and video – they are perfect!”

MattPaul Basketball

Website Enhancement, Video Editing, Cross-Channel Marketing

“We increased the number of qualified prospects at our camp shows, streamlined the registration process and closed more customers”

Georgia Honey Farm

Logo Design, Website Design and Development

“RevStream Marketing helped us reach more customers, sell more product and they taught us how to keep people coming back.”

Bebe Blinds

Logo Design, Website Design and Development, Video Production, Local Marketing

“We are really pleased with our website, logo and marketing and our business has increased 30-40%”

The Andora Group Short Sale Facilitation

Re-branding, Website Design and Development, Local and Cross-Channel Marketing

“The campaign was so successful that we had much more business than ever before.”

All Service Termite and Pest Control

Video Production, Video Marketing, Email Marketing, Website Updates

“We ranked #1, 2 and 3 in Google search for our target keyword term within 30 days thanks to RSM’s video marketing.”


Logo Design, Website Design and Development, Email Marketing

“Wow! The font and gradation of font color is SUPER! The mark is also great. The whole logo design relates to the word FIREPOWER very well.”

Steve White Thought Management

Webinar Creation, Video Production, Cross-Channel Marketing

“They put my brand on the map and developed great strategies to drive sales via the Internet”

Sesame Garage Doors

Website Design and Development, Local Online Marketing

“Our business nearly double and new customers say they chose us because our website looks the most professional.”

Life Transitions University

Videography, Video Editing, Video Production

“The video work is amazing. It’s quite a set-up and we love the outcome.”

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