Top Marketing Trends: How to Get a 5x Return

It’s been an exciting year with some amazing results. We love to share what’s working so you can model it in your business. Here’s a reply of a webinar that shares the top 4 trends in marketing, along with 4 client case studies showing exactly what’s working to get results right now. The summary and time-stamps are shown below the video.

 What’s Working Right Now to Help Companies Grow

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Top Marketing Trends of 2017

  1. Mobile Marketing
  2. Content Marketing
    1. Strategic
    2. Visual
    3. Interactive
    4. Native
  3. Marketing Automation
  4. Outsourced Marketing Executives

Watch the replay of the webinar above to see how organizations are taking advantage of the trends to grow their business. It includes four of our client case studies that share how:

  • A contractor is getting a 5 times return on their marketing investment
  • A health technology company used content marketing to increase the numbers using their platform with Fortune 500 companies
  • A gym doubled their membership, twice.
  • A training facility increased membership by 30%

Be sure to click on the video above to see the webinar replay showing what actions they took to reach these results.

Webinar Notes & Time Stamps

  • 0:27 – Summary of the results of four recent client case studies using 2017’s top trends.
  • 0:45 – Only 2% of marketing leaders consider their approach to lead generation highly effective.
  • 1:09 –Top Marketing Trends of 2017 are 1) Mobile Marketing, 2) Content Marketing, 3) Marketing Automation, 4) Outsourced Marketing Executives.
  • 1:50 – Digital marketing activity with the greatest commercial impact is Content Marketing.
  • 2:08 – Most companies marketing budget is 10% – 11% of projected company revenue.
  • 3:00 – Trend 1: “The future is mobile.” – Forbes
  • 4:31 – Trend 2: Content Marketing. Must start with the strategy, give value and educate.
  • 5:56 – Visual content, such as video, infographics and images, are an important part of content marketing to encourage sharing and engagement.
  • 7:00 – Interactive content Marketing gets users to engage more.
  • 7:25 – Native advertising (content-rich ads) are gaining trust and converting leads.
  • 8:39 – Trend 3: Use marketing automation to attract, capture, connect and close.
  • 11:01 – Trend 4: Outsourced Marketing Executives allow businesses to more quickly realize profitable growth.
  • 12:20 – Case Study 1: A Contractor had a desire to grow, but not enough people knew about them, so followed the trends and it led to sales 14x their marketing investment and a profit 5.5x the marketing investment.
  • 15:21 – Case Study 2: Health technology company used content marketing to encourage Fortune 500 employees join their program.
  • 16:40 – Case Study 3: Gym had a desire to grow, but prospects did not know about them, so they added mobile-responsive lead capture with an automated follow-up campaign, including videos to inspire and educate, which allowed them to double membership.
  • 19:24 – Case Study 4; Training facility (looking to grow by increasing membership in existing facilities and in new locations) used content marketing (videos, flyers, etc) and marketing automated to increase membership by 30%.
  • 21:11 – Summary of what’s working right now in 2017 and putting it all together into a plan.
  • 22:10 – Follow-up questions for you and the offer for a free discovery call.

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We hope this helps and look forward to hearing from you. Remember to apply for a free discovery session or contact us with any other questions.

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