Top Strategies for Trade Show Lead Capture Video Transcript

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Top Trade Show Lead Capture and Follow-up Strategies

Hello, this is Patrick O’Donnell with RevStream Marketing, and I have a question for you – are you ready for your trade show?  I mean, are you really ready – fully prepared to capture all the leads possible and convert them into sales?

In most every case, the answer is no.  Business and Marketing have changed and for many it’s still challenging economic times.  Dun & Bradstreet reported 81,616 businesses went out of business last year in the US alone.  Plus, your customers are now like a moving target – they’re mobile – on the go – on Facebook, tweeting and texting as they go & they know longer trust advertisements.  Only 16% trust ads while over 80% trust peer recommendations on social media. It’s all about reputation and relationships now, so how are you going to capture their attention and communicate effectively with them to build a relationship so you close the sale with this moving target customer of yours?

If you’re like most companies, you’re not doing this effectively and your losing sales.

To address this issue and educate businesses, we’ve created a webinar on the 7 Ways Your Company is Losing Sales.  It incredibly valuable, but I know many are pressed for time, so wanted to share a few of the highlights right now to show you how to get 3 times the leads and 5 times the sales in less time.

Before that, let’s do a quick exercise.  Let me ask, How many new customers do you gain each year? Really, think about it & right it down.  Now, How much are those customers worth to you? Again, write it down.  So, when following the steps I’m about to share, companies have doubled or tripled leads and then there conversation rates are three times higher, so even if it were just to double the sales, what would that be worth to you? And your family?

That’s why I feel it’s my obligation to share this with you.

So, the reasons most companies are losing money at trade shows is that they are failing to capture leads and failing communicate effectively with the list of subscribers.

When at a trade show, most companies collect a stack of business cards to type in later or scan a badge to get contact information so you may follow-up later, but over ½ the leads are not followed-up with after the 1st contact and most sales are made on or after the 5th contact.  Plus, those that do follow-up may send an e-mail, but with email open rates in some cases as low as 15-20% and a recent report from Oracle showing 78% of consumers use two or more channels when making a buying decision, if you are just using email or one marketing channel, you are losing sales.

…so instead, what if you are the trade show floor and you have a great give-a-way that your “moving target” customer would love.  Those at the show can pull out their cell phone and text in their name to be eligible to win the prize – they could also call a phone number, scan a QR code or fill out the web form … and this alone increases leads 2 to 3 times, but it gets better.

What if you start the all-important communication and follow-up with these leads right away? Before you or your sales team have even left the tradeshow floor, the system is following up with personal messages to them via text message and email.  You can use this send a text broadcast at the show to bring them back to your booth for a drawing.  That sure would get the attention of the other show attendees to your booth. You can use interactive text messaging to start a conversation with them, asking key questions and populating your database with their answers.  You can also use it to qualify your customers to find out who is really ready to buy.  Your e-mail follow-ups can announce the winner of the contest and continue the conversation to build the relationship.  Since you have their phone number, you can even leave send a voice mail message that arrives in their voice mail inbox, so it’s not one of those annoying calls that rings with a recorded message, but it goes straight to voicemail so it sounds like you called them personally.

…and you can follow-up with educational webinars to provide even more value.  You can set the system up so you can see who did not attend the event, who attended but left early or who watched it until the end and then follow-up appropriately to each group.

Does any of that sound like it would be valuable to you?

…and now for a bonus, what if all of this were integrated into one single system, the follow-up messages were automatic, so you or your sales team do not have do anything and you are automatically communicating with your prospects … and all of this can be set-up for you -in most cases- within a day.  –… Intrigued?

I invite you to try out a demo for this system.  There’s no obligation, but when you try it, you will get to see how it works right now.  Plus, I’ll send details on our next webinar that goes deeper into strategies like these.

All you have to do is text your name and email address to 404-586-4800.  Also, when you enter your e-mail, use the main e-mail address you use for your social media profiles – you’ll see why later.

So, to register by text, let’s say your name is Bob and your e-mail is, it’s simply sending in the text message to 404-586-4800 & the message you send would say “Bob”

That’s it. Pretty simple and you’ll be on your way to seeing the demo on how to get 3 times the leads and 5 times the sales in less time, so go ahead and send the text and make it an outstanding day!