Top Trade Show Lead Capture and Followup Strategies

How to Capture More Leads & Close More Sales in Less Time at Trade Shows

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Watch the video above for tips and the latest strategies to capturing more leads, follow-up automatically with those leads and thus closing more sales (or, you can see the transcript of the video here).

Of course, you know the importance of capturing leads at these shows and following up with those leads afterwards.  Are you using the latest technology to help with this process?

trade-show-lead-generation-follow-upFor example, a company who often went to these shows, using their old method typically gathered 80 leads at a show, went back and typed in each lead manually and then follow-up when they had time (and many were never followed up with).  Then, after they implemented the latest strategy and technology, they gathered 700 leads at the last two shows (1,400 total), follow-up automatically before their sales reps had even left the trade show floor and through the follow-up, are now anticipating over $10 million in new sales.  Not bad, and while these results may not be typical, you can see how to apply the strategies and technology to your business.

I created the video of the highlights to show you how it works. Hopefully the tips help.
You’re welcome to use the ideas and implement it on your own.  Or, if you’d like us to set it up for you, just let us know.  After you try out the demo, we’ll follow-up with you on how to get started.  Again, see how it works by trying out the demo above.

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