New Book Goes from Idea to #1 on Best Sellers List in 10 days

We did it!  Thank you so very much to everyone who helped out with this launch!  I’m thrilled my book, Revolutionize Business & Life: Kick Start Growth, Automate Sales & Live the Life You’ve Always Imagined, is out there to be able to serve as many people as possible.  The goal was simple: Hit the Best Sellers on my 35th birthday to kick off a year of giving and serving as many people as possible.  We did it with no ads, interviews or book tour (but there was certainly a lot of cross-channel marketing, bonuses with automated lead capture and great people to make this happen).  We hit the goal, but still, this was not the best part of my birthday.  Here’s how it happened…

The Vision

If you’ve read the book, you know nothing happens without seeing it in your mind first.  I take you back to March 27, 2011.  I received a message that Brendon Burchard hit the Best Sellers list with no ads, interviews or book tour.  I know then I will have a Best Seller.  I don’t know what the book will be or how I will do it, but I add a screen shot of the Best Sellers list to my vision board.  I add it right next to a picture of my family with the caption, “Cherish every moment and make memories with loved ones.”

The Spark

La Jolla, California. Noon.  Monday, May 14, 2012.

The bright California sun sparkles on the Pacific Ocean as I step of the car.  The ocean breeze blows in while the sun greets me with warmth. In my running gear, with my iPhone strapped to my arm and pen and paper in my pocket, I set off to do what I know I need to do.  I put the iPod on Shuffle (letting a higher power direct the song choices) and so the music began and I set out on my run.  (You can recall from the book, all my breakthroughs happen when my mind/body/soul workouts blend inspiring music and conversations with God.  It was no different on this day).

The night before, we’d wrapped up an incredible cross channel marketing conference put on by Mike Koenigs and Instant Customer.  During the conference Paul Colligan shared a strategy on book sales.  After the event, I knew what I needed to do to better serve others and take my business to the next level. It was just coming up with the plan and scheduling it to make it real.

On my run, as am I crossing over the rocks along the shore, my favorite song comes on (Pearl Jam’s Porch).  I hit the beach again, the plan crystallizes in my mind and sprint to a stopping place.  I pull out my pen and paper and the plan is made.  It’s here I draft an outline for my book and where my business will go over the next year.  As I look up, I see a school of porpoise riding the waves right in front of me and behind me I see a trail leading up in the seaside cliff.  I scale the cliffs, finalize the plan and then head back knowing I’m going to have a Best Seller on my 35th birthday in 10 days.

The Action

On the plane ride home to Atlanta, I type out the outline for the book and plan for my business.  During the week, we work on all our clients’ projects to take their businesses to the next level.  Then, Friday comes and I have time to create.  I had a lot of content started, so I pull together the notes and thoughts I had and by Sunday, the book is ready.  My lovely wife proof reads it (which is quite a task with my writing) and Monday, we submit it for publication on the Amazon Kindle Store, so it will be ready in time for Thursday’s launch.

Tuesday, I set-up the promotional campaign and create a launch team to help support the process and make this happen.  On Wednesday, I add some great bonus gifts that further enhance the book.  I set-up the system so the buyer can simply forward their receipt to an email address and it automatically adds them to my list and sends them their bonus.  This drives book sales and takes care of all the follow-up for me.   Thursday arrives.  All the email and text reminder messages are automated and ready to go to the team… and the launch is on!

The Results

The goal was simply to hit #1 in our selected category in the Kindle store.  That goal was achieved and more. Yes, we hit #1 Kindle Store Best Seller – Direct Marketing and also hit #1 on Amazon for Books – Direct Marketing.

I love the below screen shot – not so much because it shows my book as #1 for Hot New Release – Marketing, but for what’s on the right side – my book sitting right next to Malcom Gladwell’s classic, The Tipping Point.  This is one of my favorite books and I listed it on my Recommended Reading list when I started my first blog years ago.  I’ll be happy to share a Best Sellers spot with Mr. Gladwell any day.

(Note: This was for hitting #1 in our category (not all of Amazon as that was not the goal for this book as that would take much more than a two day promotion).

The Reward

I dash out of my home office ready to meet my family for a picnic birthday dinner at one of my favorite places – the river park by our house.  Upon arrival, I run toward the picnic tables by the river.  I see the sun glistening off of the river while geese ride the rapids and I hear the sound of laughing children at play.  My wife says, “There he is.”  Our two precious boys (ages 5 and 2) turn and say, “Daddy! Daddy!”  They run at me full speed.  I lean down to give them a hug.  They don’t slow down.  My wife grabs my iPhone just before I hit the ground as the boys turned the hug into a tackle.  My wife helps me up and we embrace.  The boys have no idea I’ve hit the Best Seller and they don’t care.  In that moment, I don’t either.

Remember the vision board? “Cherish every moment and make memories with loved ones.” — this is the best part of my birthday.  Yea, I’ve revolutionized business & life and I’m living the life I’ve always imagined.

Thank you again to everyone who made this day possible!

Next Steps

Thanks again, and in all you do, go forth to light, love and serve the world and live the life you’ve always imagined!

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    Fantastic…so very, very excited and proud of you! Congratulations!!

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