How to Create Change, Automate Sales & Write a Best Seller in 10 Days – Radio Interview Replay

Our Managing Director, Patrick O’Donnell, Author of #1 Best Seller, Revolutionize Business & Life: Kick Start Growth Automate Sales & Live the Live You’ve Always Imagined, was interviewed on the Dr. Carol Francis Radio Show. Dr. Carol Francis leads an inspiring radio show, ‘Make Life Happen,’ that helps listeners effectively tackle the issues and opportunities of life.

Click the play button below to listen to the radio interview or see the transcript of the interview below.

In the interview, Patrick answers the questions from Dr. Carol Francis that include:

  • How to create lasting change in 7 steps
  • If you have to be tech savvy to use the latest marketing tools
  • Ideas on how to automate lead capture, follow-up and sales
  • How to take a book from idea to a #1 best seller in just 10 days
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Carol Francis: Well welcome to Los Angeles this morning and the rest of you wherever you are, we have got calls coming from all over this planet today because we have quite a treat to have a forum of authors.

Actually they are authors but the truth is, they’re more passionate about their messages so they were compelled to write them so that you could benefit from them.

This is a show that’s here to help you be able to increase your health, your wealth, your relationships, your spiritual mindfulness to help you think outside the boxes that you’ve put yourself in and to equip you with tools that are going to be able to progress you or evolve you forward.

After all, the whole motto of the show is to make life happen now. So welcome to Dr. Carol Francis and we are going to have a wonderful series of authors to come. So get out your notepad whether it’s a device or paper and start taking notes.

So folks, we’re going to talk to Patrick O’Donnell because Patrick O’Donnell also has a way of revolutionizing your life and in this case, revolution your business and your life. Hello, Patrick. Can you hear me?

Patrick O’Donnell: Hello, Carol. Yes, I can. Thank you so much for having me on.

Carol Francis: I appreciate it. Your book starts off with Kick Start Growth, Automate Sales & Live the Life You’ve Always Imagined. Give us what RevStream Marketing is all about Patrick. What is it all about? Patrick O’Donnell.

Patrick O’Donnell: That’s right. It is. Kick start sales with the life you’ve always imagined and it is. It’s a combination of doing what you love and then being able to reach more people and doing that.

I think it was one of those things that started out. I had a marketing firm, always done marketing for others but never really did it for myself and then went to a conference. It was actually out near you, a marketing conference in San Diego, and I was able to go on a run on the beach and it kind of came to me because those runs are a lot more about my own life, kick starting my own life. Where am I going to go next? How can I serve more, reach more?

And that’s when it came to me like OK, I do have a message to share. I want to be able to get this out and share with other people and like you said, it’s going to be seven steps for kind of the three aspects of life because there’s – you always want to improve your self, your body, your relationship and your business.

So a lot of this did focus on that, that business side there where yeah, that’s where I wanted to kind of take it out in giving the presentation in business and wanted to bring it across and reach more people. So they can then in turn do what they want to do and reach more, serve more and what it was all about.

Carol Francis: So creating lasting change with just seven steps. Is that possible? That’s a question I’m asking you because you put it down here. Is that possible?

Patrick O’Donnell: Yeah. What a great question. I think people are always asked for creating lasting change then you think, “Where can you do it? How can you do it? Can you go out?” I think you can. I mean there are steps to everything and that’s what I found in going through the process in my own life and seeing what works for others. I love being able to model what others do and be able to pull it into practice in real life.

So it was kind of a working process over the years but then coming together and fine-tuning what works and yeah, you just kind of go through each of the same steps each time where it starts simply with your mind. Get yourself in that peak stage. Turn on to do what you have to do to get yourself going down the right path and kind of go through all the steps.

But yeah it’s definitely possible to create that change and go where you want to go in life.

Carol Francis: OK. You say that part one covers how to kick start growth and shows the seven steps on how to do this. Part two covers how to automate lead capture follow-up and sales and shares the seven ways companies are losing sales and what they could about it; and part three pulls it all together and covers the seven ways to make change stick so you can live the life you’ve always imagined. Oh, this sounds really doable and exciting.

OK. So Patrick O’Donnell, you know I have a radio show. I want to show the audience you know how to give some good advice. So here we go. How do we market this radio show?

Patrick O’Donnell: Well, let’s see. Let’s turn this into a live case study for …

Carol Francis: Yeah. That’s right …

Patrick O’Donnell: I think what you’re doing is absolutely brilliant and I think bringing together authors and that’s why I really liked about what you did is that it is. It’s so much in line with what I like to do too, being able to bring about the ideal life and I love – you will make it happen and that’s one of my themes in this. So, anyway I think that’s a really good way to do it.

But yeah, in those cases, I think it is setting up that first part of where it goes and then when you get into the – I guess going back to that presentation, kind of where it came from if you think about the seven steps where first year, it’s basically all about capturing leads, following up and turning it into additional sales and so, so many people are leaving leads on the table, just not being able to capture them. So it could send the seven as a repetitive theme but there’s seven different ways to basically capture leads.

So one of the ways when working with a certain coach that we worked with and he actually is a coach. He coaches youth basketball and wanted to be able to get out and be able to reach more people. He goes on to speak to boys and girls’ clubs, those camp shows but we’re trying to gather leads based on maybe putting cards in a fish bowl.

So why not just expand it a little bit and be able to, when you go out and you’re speaking in front of events, do something that’s simple as capturing leads via text or when you’re at the trade show booth. Again, capture leads by text is just one of the seven ways. You do it by text, by email, by phone, by QR code. It’s just using the latest marketing technology to do it but then integrate it into a system that all follows up automatically.

So that’s the point is when after you’ve captured all the leads, the follow-up is so important. So many sales managers get so upset with their sales teams when they’re just not following up fast enough or following up a company with a message. So again you just automate all that. It’s part of the process and then integrate it into the webinars and that sort of piece that can then go on to basically sell on autopilot for you. So that’s kind of how that plays out.

Carol Francis: So if you’re going to lead the team of sales and marketing, you have to be technology-friendly or at least have someone on your team that is technology-friendly because you have to take advantage of it. Is that correct?

Patrick O’Donnell: Right. Well, I mean certainly being familiar with the technology is important but what’s nice about the tools that are out there now is that they’re just becoming so user-friendly and easy to use that the people are able to do it pretty easily and some people here – text marketing, I would never do that.

But then you think of somebody who’s even serving the older type of demographics where they may be going after like retiree type clients that wouldn’t typically be on their cell phones but that’s fine too because you give out a phone number. If somebody in the audience wants to text in their name and number, then great. They can do it but if not, they write down that phone number and they go home and pick up their phone and call that number and then the number will then have the person that they want to reach whether it’s an operator that’s standing by to call or just an automated voicemail that has been capturing it and recognizing the numbers. So that certainly works as well.

So yeah, I would say it’s just kind of educating people on it’s really not all that hard to do and that’s something that my company actually gets sent to, doing the training side of things where it’s just showing, “Well, here’s the tools. Here’s how you do it,” and really not all that hard and then when you do, what’s nice is once everything is automated, that it gets then to freeing up more of your time. So that way, you can – like I said, the whole point is kind of being able to reach more people so then you can serve more and enjoy your life with the life you’ve always imagined.

But to answer your question, if they wanted to do it themselves, they could get training and learn how to do it. If you wanted to hire someone, there are certainly young folks that love all types of new marketing technology that would do it for you and there are certainly firms, I mean, like ours or others that would take care of it for you as well.

Carol Francis: That’s wonderful. Now you know what you’re talking about because you wrote, promoted and published and this book became a best seller in 10 days. Before you tell us more about that story, Patrick O’Donnell, tell people how they can reach you.

Patrick O’Donnell: How they can reach me?

Carol Francis: Yes. How can they contact you?

Patrick O’Donnell: The best way is really through our website. The website is and then on that page there’s a contact page. So if they send a message to the contact page, they will be able to get to me and then there’s actually the – any information that could get on there to find out more.

There’s a link for a webinar that goes through the details of the whole seven steps. Actually that webinar that the book was actually based on and just other resources that also on the top of that website, there’s our book page and it comes with of course a lot of bonuses that will help people out as well.

Carol Francis: Now this particular radio show got started because there were a lot of authors that joined the webinar and the webinar was a way of getting authors to realize that they could get their book out there and market it and selling at a great speed and that’s how I met you.

So tell us now, how did you do this all in 10 days? My goodness, Patrick, 10 days.

Patrick O’Donnell: Well yes, and I know when I say that, it’s like some people are like, “Well, I feel bad. I’ve been writing my book for years.” It’s certainly not to make anybody feel bad but then others were inspired by it.

So if they were inspired by it, that’s great. But yeah, it was kind of – where I mentioned that marketing conference earlier and then I went out for the run on the beach and it kind of all came together. I had my music on and so I basically pulled out pen and paper from my pocket and I started realizing like, “OK, I have a message to share. I’ve marketed for other people and I want to be able to reach more people so I need to market for myself.”

So what I’m going to do is basically I got down there on the beach and wrote out the outline for the book and then came back and basically on the plane ride back from San Diego to Atlanta created most of the outline for the book. I sort of had a head start because I did have a blog and some other previous publications.

So I pulled some of that together but most of it was written. That’s just kind of how I am while I’m getting inspired on doing something. I make it happen quick and thank goodness for my wife who’s a wonderful proofreader and editor because I did not do that well.

Carol Francis: Good.

Patrick O’Donnell: Yeah. So basically wrote it over a weekend and then she proofed it on Sunday and so submitted it to the Kindle store on Monday and it was live on the Kindle site right after that. So I basically wrote up the promotion campaign and so what it was about was – this was kind of done as a test, to see if we could reach number one best seller on the Amazon Kindle store within our category and my birthday happened to be a few days later.

So the idea was hey, what a great day. I’ll just do it on my birthday like it’s a birthday present. I want to give everybody my gift through this book so they can revolutionize their life and so I thought, “Well, what a great way to reach people and kind of spread the word.”

So that was my goal date which is the important part of one of the seven steps. Always have a goal and the accountability. But anyway, that was kind of how all that came into place and then put out the promotional plan where we basically did a launch and had bonuses for those that bought on my birthday.

Then sent it out to the group and basically had promotional partners that help to support it and push the message and then it was a nice birthday present to see that we did end up getting number one again just in our category. It was just starting out. Next time when we release the full printed version, we will go for maybe number one all of Amazon. But at least for now, hit it for the category and it was a nice way to celebrate the day and be able to give out to reach more people. So that’s kind of how all that came about in the quick level of time.

Carol Francis: OK. And you’re proof that it can be done. Patrick O’Donnell, thank you so much. Again, I want everybody to be able to reach you at Patrick O’Donnell, thank you so much for giving us a practical guide to being able to get our books out there to the public so we can enjoy life and they can too. Take care of yourself.

Patrick O’Donnell: Absolutely. Thank you again, Carol.

Carol Francis: Bye-bye.

Patrick O’Donnell: Bye-bye.

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