Announcing RevStream Marketing

We’ve launched this new site that will be specifically devoted to giving quality marketing information to businesses and organizations that are looking to increase their leads and sales.  This video shows what it’s all about:

In the past, Path Insight mixed the Peak Performance side with the Marketing side.

Previously, all the information was provided as part of our Path Insight website.  I believe that the two sides are very closely related and important to each other, but I also firmly believe in giving my clients exactly what they want.

Some of the clients wanted strictly the marketing message on the fastest, simplest way to increase leads and sales, and did not want the Path Insight Peak Performance information.

That content related to finding your ideal path in life, designing your ideal life, demanding more out of life, having the proper mindset, maintain peak levels of performance and living with health of mind, body and soul.

Therefore, the Path Insight site will focus on that content.  This new site for RevStream Marketing, a division of Path Insight, will focus on providing business and owners and sales professionals with the marketing strategies and tactics that work in our new economy even when traditional marketing methods have not worked before.

Of course, I still feel that having the proper mindset is essential and only plan to work with those that do.  Therefore, before we provide marketing services for anyone, they will need to watch Path Insight’s video on the Peak Performance Mindset.

Also, we won’t be transferring the Path Insight posts related to marketing over to this site, so be sure to refer to that site for the older ones.

What is about to happen on this site is very exciting.  Stay tuned!  More soon.  Very soon.

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