The 5 Critical (but most overlooked) Elements of Marketing a Business Successfully

You hear the success stories all the time of businesses going from a place of little or no success to achieving great success, such as:

  • From gaining only one new customer to gaining hundreds and $90,000 of new business in a single weekend.
  • From no new leads to 10,000 leads & $1 million in 10 minutes.
  • Implementing a new strategy at a trade show to gain over $10 million in new business.

You ask:

  • Are these stories really true?
  • Would they work for me and my business?
  • What’s really working best for businesses today?

Well, I’ve been in marketing since 1999, and I’ve seen a lot of what’s worked and what has not.  Right now, it is an amazing time in our world with technology allowing us to do much more in less time.

…and actually, what’s working in marking a business is not that complex.  It just takes knowing those critical elements and actually doing them.  Yes, it really does take work – no “magic pill” here.  You either need to do the work yourself or have someone do it for you, but the good news is that it is very possible to do.

I created a presentation that shows the 5 critical (but most overlooked) elements of marketing a business successfully.  It is 35 minutes, jam-packed with details on the five elements.  You’ll see how the above case studies ($90,000 in a weekend, $1 million in 10 minutes and $10 million from two trade shows) are indeed true and you’ll see exactly how these companies did it.  You’ll hear from two people just like you who implemented these steps have reaped the rewards.

Click on the image below for a short preview of what this presentation will cover:

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As you’ll learn in the presentation:

  1. Simply having an online presence is not enough.  You need an online sales system – a website complete with opt-in box and automated follow-up
  2. Using video helps gain trust and helps you to sell more than any other media
  3. Capturing leads and building a list is essential to success and you need to be building the list through multiple channels (web, email, text messaging, phone, social, etc.)
  4. It is critically important to follow-up fast and provide real value to your prospective customers.
  5. You must get out there to be seen and be found.  Take the action to be found in the best place for your business.  It could be search engines, video sites, public events, speaking events, publicity, etc., but the important thing is you need to get out and do it (or have someone do it for you)!

The point is that the tools and technology are available, but the business is not going to just fall into your lap.  Make sure you have the 5 critical elements of marketing a business successfully and get your free, instant access to the presentation by entering your name and email and clicking the submit here:

To get instant access to the full presentation, simply click here and enter your name and email.

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Remember to get out there and make it happen and make it an outstanding day!


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