Video Samples

In our media driven world, video has become a critical element in marketing.  Plus, with advances in technology, online videos now allow small to medium sized businesses to showcase their organization for far less cost than traditional video.

Since video also allows companies to connect to their prospects and is found much easier in search engines than non-video based media, it an essential piece of an organizations marketing strategy.

The below displays video samples and how they were used to spotlight an organization and its message:

In working with an Atlanta, GA based home construction company, we produced a series of videos for them.  They were known by their friends and contacts as a builder of new, high-end custom homes and many of their contacts did not realize they also do all types of remodeling and enjoy being a resource for those with any type of home construction related questions.  The company also recognized that many times home builders do not have the best reputations, so they used the power of online video testimonials to have their homeowners share their experience.

Note: For each of the videos below, if you are on a fast Internet connection, you may click on the panel below the video to watch in HD.  Or, if the video buffers too often with a slower internet connection, please click pause to let the video load and then click play to resume.

1) Since they not have a page on their website that specifically related to remodeling, we added one.  It is a landing page that allows the user to opt-in to receive a free video series and a guide on the first steps to remodeling a home.  This video blends live footage with images, text and graphics.

Note: Patrick with RevStream Marketing typically does not appear in the videos we create, but since this is his father’s business, they wanted him to speak in it as well.

2) The video series was designed to provide information to the homeowner (and potential prospect).  By giving good information, the user would be more likely to trust the builder and thus be more likely to use them in the future.  This video combines text, graphics, images and a voiceover.

3) The home is very important to each homeowner, so people do not want just anyone coming into their home.  Plus, with all the disaster stories about home building issues, homeowners want to be sure to trust their builder and quite often want to hear from other homeowners.  Therefore, we used the power of video testimonials to allow homeowners to share their experience of working with this company.  Here is a sample of one of those videos:

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