Below you will find a list of helpful resources that are mentioned in our presentations and courses. Be sure to check back as this page is being updated with the latest resources.

I. For a Traditional Website

When you want to control your own website content and the hosting, we’ve found the best method is using and hosting the site with a credible web host.

Top Website Hosting Options

Host Gator

InMotion Hosting

Once you select a host, you can follow their free tutorial on how to download WordPress to get started.

II. Landing Page / Funnel Software

When you desire a software that allows you to easily create the pages, funnels and upsells, there are several options out there. After trying several, our favorite is ClickFunnels. There are several different ways to learn how ClickFunnels is right for you:

ClickFunnels Free 14 Day Trial
This page explains what ClickFunnels is all about and allows you sign-up for a free 14-day trial:

ClickFunnels Free Web Class (includes 14 Day Free Trial)
This web class explains ClickFunnels, gives you a 14 day free trial and at the end, it provides an excellent offer to get ClickFunnels at a significant discount.

Experts Secrets Free Book Offer
This book, by the creator of ClickFunnels, shares how you can find your message, build a tribe and change the world. This is just for the book, and not ClickFunnels, but it provides a great playbook for how you could use it to grow your business.

Once you get started with ClickFunnels, their online tutorials will explain how to use the software.

Please let us know if you have any further questions and we’ll be happy to help point you in the right direction.