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Thank you for your interest in spreading the word about the RevStream Marketing Coaching Program.  You can earn up to $800 per referral, and the best part is you will be sharing top-quality content, tips and strategies — all of which are available for free.

For the details, click play on the video below or see below to view the transcript of the video.


This is a customized program where each person in the program will hear from us directly.  We ask each of them how they heard about the program.  When they say it was from you, you receive the referral credit.  Pretty simple.  You can share use the share icons on the webinar pages to share the free webinars:

Or, you can send emails directing users to those pages. If you have any questions or would like sample emails and social media posts you can share, simply contact us.

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Hello, Patrick O’Donnell with RevStreamMarketing here. Thank you for your interest in helping spread the word about our program.
Just wanted to shoot this super quick video for you to provide an overview on the program & how you can earn from it.

As you know, I’ve been in the online marketing since graduating from Ga Tech back in 1999.

We’ve learned what works best & have been implementing web, video, social & mobile marketing solutions for clients through our firm RevStream Marketing & have had great results, earning clients millions of dollars.

Lately, I’ve had so many people ask me what we do and how we do it, so we created a course that provides all the how to information.

Even before the course, we share a great deal of the tips, formulas and steps in the free video series and the free webinar that promote the program so there will be quite a bit of good quality content for those watching.

Then, the program itself shares guides and videos and templates to use.  It includes 9 modules and is taught like a college course, where the modules are released over the duration of course.

Plus, one of the main areas that typically stop people from taking action & reaching their goals is not having accountability, so in addition to providing all the how to guides, videos & templates, we’re also providing one-on-one coaching for those in the program.

& All of this is only $297 per month for each month of the 3 months of the course.

As an affiliate, when someone you refer joins our program, you’d be paid $100 for each of the 3 months, so $300 total.

In the program, we give the strategy & the how to, so the members can do it themselves, but some may decide that they’d rather our marketing firm take care of the work for them, so there is also an upsell.  Our custom packages where we do the work for our clients – this means we update their website, edit & promote their videos & set-up their cross-channel lead capture and automated follow-up campaigns for them.  These packages start at $6,000, but when they join this program, they will have the opportunity to purchase one of these packages at the discounted fee of $4,997.  Therefore, when someone you refer purchases one of these custom packages, you’d earn $500.

So, with $300 for the program $500 for the custom package, you can earn up to $800 for each referral.

But the best part is, you are sharing how they can get quality content – in the video series and webinar for free so you’ll be helping them out by sharing quality information.

If you haven’t already, you can signup as an affiliate below.  Then, we’ll provide you with the email templates you can use to share the videos and webinar.

Also, let me know how I can return the favor.  If you have a complimentary product, let me know how I can help promote you.

Thanks again for your support & make it an outstanding day!

Click here to see the program details, including modules.

Program Details

RevStream Marketing’s Revolutionize Your Business Coaching Program
The Blueprint to Kick Start Growth, Capture More Leads & Close More Sales
So You Can Earn More, Serve More & Live the Life You’ve Always Imagined.

It shows the technology we use (that makes everything more simple) and the training on how to use it (which makes it really simple to use).

It’s set-up like a college course where it’s made up of modules & each module is released every other week or so over the duration of the three month course.  With each you get all the tools we use, how to guides & videos – plus exact templates to follow.  It includes:

  1. Module 1: Kick Start Growth in Your Career
  • What are the 7 steps to take your business and life to the next level so you earn more in less time?
  1. Module 2: Develop Your Content
  • How you can use the latest tools and resources to have others create content in your voice for less than the cost of a lunch (and as a bonus, learn how you can have this done for free)
  1. Module 3: Set up the Online Sales System
  • Why setting up an Online Presence does not work (and will actually almost guarantee your failure) and what’s needed to turn your online presence into an online sales system
  1. Module 4: Explode Your Business
  • Why Email Marketing is great, but is no longer enough and can be enhanced with additional marketing channels (text, voice, social) + how to capture leads and follow-up automatically across different channels + how to get buyers of your books or products to join your list… all automatically.
  1. Module 5: Automated, Interactive Messaging
  • How to follow-up with prospects instantly, qualify prospects and have those prospects book appointments with you – automatically – all while you are spending your time doing what you want to do
  1. Module 6: Event Domination
  • How to increase the lead capture at events from less than 1% to over 80% and follow-up automatically before you’ve even left the event
  1. Module 7: Automating Recurring Sales
  • What is the #1 way to regularly close sales while you sleep + how to easily it set-up once and let it run forever
  1. Module 8: Social Video Marketing
  • What’s the #1 method for connecting with prospects and how to use it to drive more business + a Bonus on how we went from book idea to a published # 1 Best Seller in 10 days.
  1. Module 9: Make it Last
  • The key 7 steps you need to take to make your change last, automate your income, so you can live the life you’ve always imagined

With each module, there are exact templates – meaning word for word examples of campaigns, including email messages and text messages that we have sent & we’ll be giving these to you and show you how to add your own.

You’ll have screen capture videos showing the steps on how to do all of this – from how to properly update your website and add videos to how to set-up webinars to automatically run for you.

You’ll have access to this in the online members area, so if you hire someone new & they need learn how to use the tools, they simply follow the guides in the module to get up to speed fast.

Plus, it includes one-on-one coaching. We’ll start by setting your goals & then each month of the program you’ll have a one-on-one with a member of our team to make sure your individual questions are answered.

So, with this, you get the modules sharing all the strategies & technology we use, training on how to use it & one-on-one coaching.

Also, the coaching program comes with a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee, so if you decide this is not for you, you will receive a complete refund, so there’s nothing to lose.


Thanks again for your interest.