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Congratulations for taking action to kick start growth in your career!

We are very passionate about helping people rise above challenges to achieve their dreams and be able to share their message with the world to earn more, serve more and make a great impact!  We truly want to help you revolutionize your business and life to create the results that you desire.

Therefore, we created these resources for you help you reach even greater success.

Here’s everything you’re receiving:

  • Part 1. Immediate Download of: Blueprint to Finding Purpose and Passion: The First Step to Creating a Profitable Niche.
  • Part 2. The link to access a the discounted “on demand” self-interpretive version of The Birkman Method Career Assessment.
  • Part 3. A copy of the slides from the presentation, The 7 Steps to Kick Start Growth in Your Career.
  • Part 4. The links to the free video series and free webinar on The 7 Steps to Revolutionize Your Business will be sent as when they are ready.
  • Part 5. We occasionally give live presentations on this The 7 Steps to Revolutionize Your Business. If you’d like to know when these events are and would like discounted VIP tickets to the event, please contact us to let us know.

You can access Parts 1 and 2 below right now!
Keep your eye on your email for Parts 3 and 4.


Part 1.

Blueprint to Finding Purpose and Passion

The First Step to Creating a Profitable Niche


Before you discover your purpose and passion in your life, be sure to download this free Blueprint. After you do, you will be very happy that you did and you will be well on your way to living the life that you have always imagined.

Click on the image to the left or this link to instantly download the Blueprint in .pdf format.





Part 2.

The Birkman On Demand (BOD) enables every individual to discover his or her distinctive behavior, needs and interests as well as what causes stress and how to deal with it. The Birkman on Demand results are based on the powerful Birkman Method® Career Assessment.  The BOD report format leads the individual through a series of topics connected to self-interpretive statements.
Click here to see a sample BOD report.

The Birkman Method® has been widely used in the business world for years and is the industry-leading assessment that facilitates individual growth, leadership development and career management. Employers said that students who had taken the assessment are “more focused” and “know what they want.  The full assessment has been priced between $500 and $1,000 and feedback could only be provided by a certified Birkman consultant.

Now, the self-interpretive version, the Birkman on Demand, is available for only $37. 
Click here to purchase the assessment
[Please note: this is not an automated process.  After receiving your order, our team will process your order and send you the link to complete the assessment online.  Typically, you will hear from our team in less than 3 business days.]


Again, thank you for your interest and congratulations on taking action!

We’ll be in touch shortly.  Until then, we hope these resources assist you on the road to making your vision a reality.  Please let us know if there is anything we can do to assist in the process.

Go forth to light, love and serve the world and live the life you’ve always imagined!