How to Write a Press Release

Here’s a quick summary of tips on how to write a press release.

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Click here for an example of a general press release that shows what should be included in each section.

Click here for an example of a book press release that also shows the content for each section.
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For submitting Press Releases, there are a number of options.  Depending on the need (and budget), here are several options:

•    Free =
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The below provides a summary of Press Releases.
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Press Releases
Let the media – both online and traditional such as newspapers – know about your creation and you could end up with the kind of press coverage that turns books into bestsellers.

What’s a press release?
In simplest terms, a press release is a short notice of something the media might be interested in using as a story. You can send your press release directly to various media or to a newswire. Your press release should be well-written before you submit it to the media.

What’s a newswire?
A newswire is a service that sends your press release to newsrooms, websites, radio and TV stations and other media outlets worldwide. It’s your best bet for getting your press release to a large number of media outlets that, it must be said, may or may not publish it or air it.

What newswires should I use?
It’s up to you which newswire service you select, but here are some recommendations. Keep in mind that different services charge different fees, but some are free. We recommend these free services – and and two fee-based services: and

Who will receive my press release if I use a newswire?
In general, newswires reach online news sites, general search engines, syndication networks, newsrooms, freelance writers, magazines, etc.
Specific media reached by the different services: reaches Google News, NBCi News, AskJeeves News, Topix News, MSN News, Yahoo!, and more. reaches Google News, Yahoo! Search,, Moreover, News now, Technorati. reaches Google News, NBCi News, AskJeeves News, Topix News, MSN News, Yahoo!, and more. reaches Associated Press, radio,, national or regional newspapers, national or regional TV stations, etc.

What makes a good press release?
The most important thing to keep in mind are the editors who’ll be getting your release. Hundreds of releases vie for their attention each week, so make yours relevant and accurate.

Here are some tips to help improve the chance of your release being used:
1.    Be catchy! Write a headline that grabs attention and summarizes your main point. Then, because the first paragraph is often the only one that’s read, make sure it covers the who, what, when, where, why and how.
2.    Be brief. Keep your release to one page or 400 words. The end.
3.    Be current. Highlight something about your product in your release that’s relevant to current events.
4.    Be available. Make sure you put your current contact information (E-mail, phone number, fax…) so that those that are interested can reach you.