Holiday Video Greetings

Ready to share the holiday spirit through video?

Reaching out to friends, family and/or clients is what makes this season so special.  It’s time to give thanks for the past year and share your best wishes for the upcoming New Year.

Now, through the magic of video, you can bring alive your holiday greetings like never before.   You can put away the cards, pens and stamps and enjoy the green, eco-friendly way to send your greetings through video.

Our custom holiday videos allow you to create the perfect holiday greeting … and we’re not just talking about a slideshow set to music here.  Each is made for you with custom video production complete with your favorite pictures, music and videos that come together to share the highlights of your year.  It’s the perfect way for families to send to friends and family and for businesses to send to clients.

Here’s a sample:

[Note: This sample holiday video greeting was one we created for ourselves last year.  Your video will not have any of our company branding on it.]

How does creating a Holiday Video Greeting work?

It’s quite simple for you, really.

  1. Since we love spreading holiday cheer, we’ve reduced our typical fees for this holiday special.  It’s only $495 for a video up to 2 minutes long or only $695 for a video up to 4 minutes long, like the sample above.
  2. After you click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button below and process the order, you are directed to a form to fill out.
  3. In that form, you tell us what you want in your video: the images, the music, the videos, etc.
  4. We’ll also send you an invitation to our private online folder.  That way, you can easily share your pictures, videos and audio clips with us.
  5. We’ll then get to work on it.  We’ll take the media your provided with the information in the form you complete and will create your holiday video greeting.
  6. We’ll then send you the video file and can even post to YouTube (or you favorite online video sharing site).
  7. You then get to share your stunning video for your friends, family and/or clients

Sounds great, What’s next?

Simply, click the Add to Cart button below to be directed to our secure shopping cart to check out and we’ll be on our way!

Only $695 for your Custom Holiday Video Greeting!
Up to four (4) minutes in length

No, thanks.  I’d prefer a shorter video, up to two (2) minutes in length,
for only $495


1. I love the idea, but I don’t want to be on a video.  I typically write a letter each Christmas with highlights of the year and I’d love to share that letter, maybe with me talking on the video.  Can this be done?

“Of course, we’ve actually done something similar on a video for a milestone birthday video.  Each member of the family wrote a note, took a picture of the note and created an audio reading the note.  Then, when we made the video, the video scrolled down over the words of the note as they were read and also showed images that related to the note as they were read.”

2. This sounds great, but I could use some tips on how to create the video.  Could you give some tips on that?

“Certainly.  We have actually written a guide for our clients who are in remote locations and/or wanted to do their own video shooting.  Just contact us to let us know you want the guide and we’ll send it to you.

3. I’d love to do this, but I’m not set-up to shoot videos.  Can you help?

“It depends on what you are looking for. It’s not required that you use live video in a video.  The video can consist of pictures, audio, text on the screen, etc…. but if it is live video you are looking for and would rather have a professional shoot the video for you, we do have a nationwide network of videographers that can take care of the videos.  These videography services are priced separately and vary based on your needs.  If you are interested in this option, contact us for specific information.

4. I’d really want to create something longer – to be able to capture more of the memories from the year.  Are there options beyond the $695 for up to 4 minutes?

“We’ve set the Holiday special pricing as “up to 2 minutes” and “up to 4 minutes” since this is typically the best length for holiday video greetings.  We certainly do longer videos for both personal and business use.  That’s just not what this page is about.  Contact us with your needs and we can provide you with a quote for your longer videos.”

5. Can I send this out on DVD?

“Of course you can.  This holiday special page was set-up to create the online video for you to share via email and social media, but you are certainly print and send them to DVD and yes, we can take care of that for you as well.  Again, since this is beyond the scope of this holiday special, contact us with your needs and we’ll provide you with a quote.”

6. Can I see a draft of the video first?

“Yes, you can see a draft.  Typically, when the form is filled out clearly, so we know the images, music and order to use, there is not a need for revisions, but you do have this option.  Upon review of the video, you can make changes (up to 2 hours of video editing time) at no additional charge.  If any additional editing time is needed, this will be billed on a per hour basis of $65 per hour.  This extra time is rarely needed, and would only be needed in the case of major changes that deviated from the original scope of work submitted.

7.  This is exactly what I was looking for.  How long will it take to be ready?

“Since these are custom, they do take time and turnaround time varies based on the volume of work.  It is very important that the exact description of what you want is provided to us.  Once we have all of the details on what you want and all of your files, we guarantee your video will be ready in 5 business days or less, or it’s free.

Ready to get started?

Only $695 for your Custom Holiday Video Greeting!
Up to four (4) minutes in length

No, thanks. I’d prefer a shorter video, up to two (2) minutes in length,
for only $495