The 5 Critical Elements of Health and Fitness Marketing

Here’s an excerpt from a presentation by Patrick O’Donnell, our Managing Director, on:
The 5 Critical Elements of Marketing a Health or Fitness Business.


Hello, I’m Patrick O’Donnell. Health, fitness and living a healthy life are some of my passions, so I love how your business is helping people live healthier lives.

Also, in our crazy world with so much vying for your prospects attention, it can be a daunting process to try to attract potential customers, follow-up and secure more business – especially while you are trying to run your business… but it doesn’t have to be, so I wanted to be sure to share this with you.

As you know, our world and your customers have changed– but in times of change, there are opportunities and the smart businesses have embraced these opportunities available.

• For example, one of our clients (FusionHealth) needed to quickly re-brand their websites to drive engagement and rankings and drive more traffic from public events. They previously went to trade shows and public events and had the opportunity to speak at many events and conferences. Previously, their doctors would say, ‘visit our website’ or ‘pick up a brochure in the back of the room’ for more information, but hardly anyone ever did this (response rates from this method are typically less than 1%). Now, after implementing the latest strategies and technology, when speaking on stage or at the booth, they now have something of value that encourages those interested to opt-in on the spot. This enables users to register however the choose (by texting in information, scanning a QR code, completing a web-form, calling a phone number to leave a recorded message, sending an email or whatever is easiest for them), and it’s amazing – over half the room does so right on the spot!

The best part is, it allows the doctor to start following up automatically before he or his sales team have even left the stage or booth. No matter how they registered, the system follow-ups up automatically with emails, text messages and voice-mails with helpful information including videos. This establishes trust with the prospects and essentially sells his service for him, and all of this is totally automated so the doctor can concentrate on what he does best.

The campaign resulted in tripling the engagement on their websites and dramatically increasing the number of leads captured. Here’s an excerpt what they said about it (you can see more in the video below)

“We didn’t even have opt-ins before and now at public events, we can allow the audience to opt-in and receive automated responses from our doctors or CEO and then turn it into meaningful discussion and meaningful new business.”
– Jennifer Lindskoog
VP Marketing and Communications, FusionHealth

• In another example, clinics as well as health, fitness and nutrition offices are now realizing how important the online review websites are and are thus using the latest in social marketing and online reviews systems to obtain critical feedback from all users to improve the practice. This drives happy customers online to leave positive reviews, and in one case, it allowed one practice to go from 2 negative reviews to 44 positive reviews in 48 hours and thus with all the positive reviews, it moved their Google listing to the 1st page in their competitive market and thus, they gained more new customers.

• In addition, health companies realize that having a website as a static brochure is not enough, but rather having it be interactive to engage the user with helpful videos and content increases both new business and referral business.

Now, I’m not a health professional, but I have been in marketing since I graduated from Ga Tech in 1999. I serve as the Managing Director of a Marketing agency and am a #1 best selling author on the subject of helping companies automate their marketing so they can gain more customers and drive income.

Recently, I’ve been working with companies to increase the number of leads captured, automate the follow-up process with those leads and thus secure more sales – all by using the latest in marketing technology and automating it for the companies. Therefore, they don’t have to worry about it and they save time and earn more money in the process.

It all follows our proven system and has a dramatic effect on the business. At this point, you see that these strategies bring in more leads and sales and thanks to the latest technology do so easier and more affordably than ever before.

Here’s a video showing what some of our clients have said about working with us:

…so again, you can see how this works. Are you ready to take action? You can decide to do this on your own or have someone take care of it for you. Otherwise, you are going to stay where you are.

Since so many people have asked what the critical elements are of marketing a business, I created a presentation on it.

It shows the 5 critical (but most overlooked) elements of marketing a business successfully. It is 35 minutes, jam-packed with details on the five elements. You’ll hear from two people just like you who implemented these steps and have reaped the rewards.

Click on the image below for a short preview of what this presentation will cover:

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As you’ll learn in the presentation:

  1. Simply having an online presence is not enough. You need an online sales system – a website complete with opt-in box and automated follow-up
  2. Using video helps gain trust and helps you to sell more than any other media
  3. Capturing leads and building a list is essential to success and you need to be building the list through multiple channels (web, email, text messaging, phone, social, etc.)
  4. It is critically important to follow-up fast and provide real value to your prospective customers.
  5. You must get out there to be seen and be found. Take the action to be found in the best place for your business. It could be search engines, video sites, public event, speaking event, publicity, etc., but the important thing is you need to get out and do it (or have someone do it for you)!

The point is that the tools and technology are available, but the business is not going to just fall into your lap. Make sure you have the 5 critical elements of marketing a business successfully and get your free, instant access to the presentation by entering your name and email and clicking the submit here:

To get instant access to the full presentation, simply click here and enter your name and email.

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Remember to get out there and make it happen and make it an outstanding day!