Event Referral Program

Thank you for your interest in sharing this event! We were actually quite happy to hear that people wanted to share this event and were asking how to do it. We tried to make it as simple as possible — and reward those who share it.

It’s pretty simple, when anyone you refer registers for the event, the $9.99 registration fee you paid for the event is refunded. We’ll return the $9.99 at the event.

Also, at the end of the event there is an opportunity for companies to choose to work with or partner with RevStream Marketing. We offer referral fees on these engagements. The fee depends on the amount of the engagement, but are typically $200 or $500 (depending on the package selected).

Therefore, if someone you refer to the event names you as the person who referred them and they end up working with us, you receive the referral fee.

It’s a simple way to help your contacts who need more leads and sales — and earn a referral fee in the process (all referral fees are paid out on the last Friday of the month in the month immediately following the month in which the order was placed).

There’s no affiliate registration needed. All you need to do is share the event page. Then, when your contacts register, they are asked who referred them to the event. When they name you, you get the referral fee. It’s that simple.

To share the event, use the share icons on the bottom of the event page:

Or, use any of the templates below and feel free to modify them however you see fit…

—- Sample Email Template —-

Subject: Lunch on Tues July 24

My friend Patrick O’Donnell, who runs an Atlanta-based marketing firm, RevStream Marketing, recently released a book that hit #1 on the Best Sellers list. He’s sharing the presentation that formed the basis of the book, The 7 Steps to Revolutionize Your Business in Duluth, GA.

It covers real case studies of what the best in the business are doing to generate more leads and sales. Be sure to see the event page – http://RevStreamMarketing.com/atlanta-event/ – for the video and details on exactly who should attend and why (you should see the case studies) and the special bonuses at the event (yes, he’ll show how he hit #1, but there’s much more) – plus it includes lunch and networking too!

So, if you are looking to generate more leads and sales so you can make a greater impact on the world, see the full details and register here:

Best Regards,
Your Name

—- Sample Facebook Post Template —-

My friend Patrick O’Donnell is presenting the 7 Steps to Revolutionize Your Business on Tues July 24 in Duluth, GA. It covers real case studies, includes lunch & networking. See all the details here: http://RevStreamMarketing.com/atlanta-event/

—- Sample Twitter Post Template —-

Must see live event on the 7 steps to Revolutionize Your Business on 7/24 in Duluth, GA http://RevStreamMarketing.com/atlanta-event/