What Our Clients Say...

"Do you have any idea what a gift from God you are? We love our new logo and are truly thrilled about our new website and video – they are perfect. Thank you so much."

-Erica Dumpel
CDA Inc.

"We increased the number of qualified prospects at our camp shows and closed more customers using RevStream Marketing's program."

-Coach Matt Paul
Matt Paul Basketball

“We didn’t even have opt-ins before and now at public events, we can allow the audience to opt-in to receive automated responses and then turn it into meaningful new business.”

-Jennifer Lindskoog

"RevStream Marketing helped us reach more customers, sell more product and they taught us how to update our website and use social media to keep people coming back."

-Alex Pakdaman
Georgia Honey Farm


You hear the success stories all the time of businesses going from a place of little or no success to achieving great success, such as: From gaining only one new customer to gaining hundreds and $90,000 of new business in a single weekend. From no new leads to 10,000 leads & $1 million in 10 minutes. Implementing a new strategy at a trade show to gain over $10 million in new business. You ask: Are these stories really true? Would they work for me and my business? What’s really working best for businesses today? Well, I’ve been in marketing since 1999, and I’ve seen a lot of what’s worked and what has not.  Right now, it is an amazing time in our world with technology […]

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